How to be Happy: The List Lover’s Guide

ferriswheelI’ve inherited several wonderful traits from my father. One of them, list-making, has become a lifesaver, especially when my mind goes into overdrive. As it often does. Lists slow me down. They take the crazy out of out my head and plant it onto paper. They help me sleep at night and start my day in the morning. When in doubt, I make it list.

So, in honor of my love of lists and my desire to keep shit exceedingly simple right now, I present you—the lazy girl’s guide to happiness.


Meditation + stillness

Music that makes you feel groovy

Daily mantras and/or affirmations

Moving your bod


Quality sleep + productive rest

Smoothies + green juice

Water, H2O, and agua!

Cashews, avocados and walnuts {proven mood boosters}

Organic, plant based meals

Salt water therapy

Turmeric, aka, mind body gold

Impromptu roadtrips

Time with your toes in the sand + hands in soil

Prayer, in whatever way works for you

Sweating {I’ve  been known to possess a gym membership for the sauna alone}


Dancing in your living room, for no reason whatsoever

Compliment + gift giving


Sensational sex

Service work


Mindless chatter

Complaining without action

Projecting outcomes and/or assuming the worst

Obsessing over shit you can’t change

Patience for people who disrespect you

Lying, especially to yourself

Fake food/chemicals of all kinds

Pretense + phoniness

Lashing out


Holding onto anger

Soda + other sugary crap

Acting out of obligation

Comparing yourself/ garnering approval from strangers on the internet

Letting fear hold you hostage

Complacency and indifference, in all its sneaky forms

Crap television

Knit-picking + nagging

Waiting for the right time

Sacrificing joy for whatever you think you have to do

Wondering if you are beautiful/smart/talented/amazing enough… YOU ARE ♥



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