How to Get Lucky: 4 Ways to Seize Synchronicity


That person you’ve been thinking about non-stop sends you an email… Your book title finds you in a song… You meet someone on your day off who introduces you to your dream job… Synchronicity is the force behind these meaningful coincidences, or divine kisses as I like to think of them. It’s what allows me to believe in magic and the power of manifestation. And it’s everyday proof of our mind’s enormous power as well as the wondrous ways in which we’re all connected.

Synchronicity is choreographed by a great, pervasive intelligence that lies at the heart of nature, and is manifest in each of us through intuitive knowledge. ~Deepak Chopra

Synchronicity, though an entirely natural phenomenon, doesn’t always come easy. If we’re wrapped up in self or consumed with fear, it will be hard to feel synchronicity’s subtle pull. You see— the ego screams, while the soul whispers, and we have to get quiet if we want to operate from a spiritual (and thereby synchronous) space. Here’s a few suggestions on how you can attract more sacred synchronicity into your everyday:

1. Leave space for stillness. It sounds simple, but it’s a difficult task for many of us. We’re consumed by to-do lists and addicted to busyness. We neglect our own naked beings. And the reality is—we need both. We must take action to truly live (and advance) in the external world, but in order to propel our spiritual life and grow internally, we must devote time to stillness, too. Meditation is one way of getting still and tapping into that well of wisdom within, but it’s not the only way.

Some of my best ideas and most tender moments have come in kitchen, doing the dishes. I may not have been engaged in formal meditation, but my mind was quiet, and I was practicing pointed, relaxed awareness of the task at hand. Stillness is as simple as this. If you want to hear more, do less, and listen from your whole being.

2. It’s not enough to act with attention, we must do so with intention as well. Acting with intention is about more than making a plan; it’s about living our lives deliberately and with the understanding that everything we want is already ours.

People who live intentionally are the people who always seem to find themselves in the right place at the right time. It’s not luck or happenstance; it’s years of internal prep work finally made manifest in the physical realm.

Expect greatness from the core of your being and it will be yours.

3. Don’t dismiss your gut. This one works in conjunction with step number one. We must begin by getting quiet if we wish to hear spirit speak. But we must also learn to trust ourselves enough to receive the message. How many times have you known the right answer all along, but wouldn’t let yourself believe it out of fear or pride or plain stubbornness?

The ego is famous for dressing up the truth, but our bodies hold the ultimate wisdom, if we will only listen. Because the brain and gut communicate directly via the vagus nerve, it just makes good sense to listen to the butterflies. Take inspired action: go to the workshop.. accept the lunch invitation.. book the trip. If your soul demands it, you can be sure it’s right. Act in line with your deepest desires. and you can’t help but become a magnet for meaningful events.

4. Pay attention to the signs. Synchronicity is a fact of nature; it exists whether we notice it or not. The challenge lies in harnessing the power of meaningful coincidences and using them to your benefit. And the best way we can begin to do this is by observing the role the divine is already playing in our lives. But remember, synchronicity often speaks in subtleties: numbers and songs and sometimes even road detours.

Pay attention to it all.

When you choose to believe nothing occurs by accident, you automatically usher in more meaningful everyday events. And your awareness and appreciation of these divine assignments will only attract more of them.

I’m curious, how is synchronicity showing up in your life today?

And are you doing anything to bring about more of it?



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