In a Funk? Do Something Different

It sounds like simple advice. But I forget to do it all the time.

When I first got sober I was taught that one of the fastest and simplest ways to enact change is to start each day by doing something (small) different. I’ve heard it said that even wearing your watch on a different wrist than you normally would qualifies. The point is, you are declaring to God/the universe/whomever, as well as yourself that you are ready to make real changes, to do something different.

In my experience, small daily changes can and definitely do lead to true transformation, when I can remember to do it! Here’s one simple change I’ve employed that has led to wonderful results:

Each morning, I drink a cup of water with lemon. I then proceed to have some yerba mate tea, or sometimes, coffee before going about my day. Rather than pounding caffeine in whatever form I could fastest fit it in my body (yes, I’m referring to you Redbull); I now take the time to savor a healthy, refreshing start to my day.

It’s been said that sipping water with lemon, preferrably warm or at room temperature, has all kinds of benefits. It’s great for flushing the system (our bodies are mostly water!), waking up the liver and serving as a natural detoxifying agent. I also find it energizing and refreshing when I’m still peeling away the layers of slumber.

Through implementing this one simple change, I’ve been able to alter the entire tone of my morning and set myself up for self-care throughout the day.

What one simple change has led to dramatic results in your life?



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